We are finally almost done with our field season. If you have been following us on Facebook or Twitter you will know that we left Iita on August 5 (a day late). Air Greenland generously squeezed in an afternoon flight to pick us up after our scheduled flight the day before was cancelled due to a combination of bad weather and a fuel shortage at Qaanaaq caused by a washed out rain, related to the same bad weather. We were all happy to get in to Thule Air Force base, with its hot showers, real beds, and other modern amenities. Since then we have been busy drying things – our artefacts especially, cleaning and packing equipment, and dealing with all the other details associated with the end of a field season. Now, finally, we have time to start blogging again.

It is hard to know where to begin! The short version is that we had a great season and accomplished pretty much all we had set out to do. We had a great crew, lots of laughter, remarkably good weather much of the time, and the results that we had hoped for. It will take us a while to process all the data (we’re shipping home about 400 lbs of it….) but lets start with some photos.

crew shot_sm

First, one of our last photos – the crew, posed in front of the helicopter moements before our departure. From left to right: Nuka Larsen (University of Greenland undergrad), Hans Lange (curator, Greenland National Museum), Lara Bluhm (Bowdoin College undergrad), me, Genevieve LeMoine (curator, the Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum, Bowdoin College), Jason Miszaniec (UC Davis PhD student), and John Darwent (UC Davis researcher). We’re all smiling because we are happy to be going home, but truly, we were smiling most of the time – this was a great crew that worked well together and I think I can say we all really enjoyed the time we spent together.

And of course, a selection of our best finds:


A Thule type IV harpoon head

Meteoric iron blade

A large blade, probably of meteoric iron

Amulet harpoon with skeltal motif

An interesting amulet with elements of a bear and a harpoon

Abstract bear with skeletal morif

An bstract bear with skeletal motif

Abstract bear with skeletal motif

Another abstract bear with skeletal motif




There will be more to come of course, but our flight leaves very early tomorrow morning, so for now, it is off to finish packing.