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We have been very irregular bloggers lately. While this may mirror the level of communication friends and family could expect from the original expedition members, we do hope to do better than that! Things have been happening behind the scenes, and there will be a lot more to report in the coming months as we get increasingly close to the exhibit opening (13 months and counting…).

Recently, our efforts have been directed to developing a teaser exhibit: Off to a Rocky Start: the Crocker Land Expedition, 1913. This small photo exhibit opened in our foyer at the beginning of October. It looks at the trials and tribulations of the expedition in the first few months as the team left New York and sailed north. If you are in Brunswick, stop by and check it out. If not, it will make its way to the web page once its physical life is over. We can only hope that our own journey toward the exhibit opening will be less rocky.

Behind the scenes we are examining objects,


Ekblaw and Tanquary used these bags to collect and store geological samples, among other things.



In their first weeks, the members of the expedition worked long days building their home. Inughuit men helped them and by the time the first snow fell, the roof was on.

and journals, and sorting through the scientific work of the expedition, finding all sorts of inspiration.

ek journal 5 page

Ekblaw describes some of his ongoing ornithology research, including measurements of a black guillemot, and diving times of little auks.